Bloom Kit

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Transform the vagina experience with our Bloom Kit. Melt away pain, promote relaxation, and encourage pleasure. Designed for vaginas, this kit features Foria's Intimacy Suppositories, Quim's Smooth Operator Intimate Serum, and Foria's Relief Salve. 

Kit includes :

+ Foria Intimacy Suppositories

     A simple formula for deep relief. These cocoa butter suppositories  are made with organically grown hemp and can be inserted vaginally or rectally. 

     Great for deep relief.

+ Quim Smooth Operator Intimate Serum

     A latex-safe lubricant designed to relax the pelvic floor, increase blood flow and provide comfort in all the right places.

     Great for sex.

+ Foria Relief Salve

     A fast absorbing salve made with 600mg of broad spectrum CBD, extracted from organically grown hemp flower.

     Great for menstrual discomfort, sore muscles and joints.