Cannabinoids for people dedicated to living well.

A plant-based alternative elevating the way we live. Discover premium CBD-rich products for at-home and on the go. Well-made and formulated to work.

The Source

The products we offer are made with cannabinoids extracted from US grown hemp flower. We support brands specializing in organic, sustainable, and regenerative cultivation practices, as well as those working towards justice reform and progressive industry standards.

Daily Rituals & Routines

Support longterm health and wellness with the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. Craft days and nights with premium tinctures, topicals, and more.

Consume the Good

Discover CBD-rich tinctures designed to deliver concentrated
and precise doses.

Winter Coat

Hydrate, revitalize, and maintain your outer layer. Shop skincare and bath essentials for colder climates.

Wellness Within

Learn about CBD and its relation to how the body regulates homeostasis - our response to pain, stress, and disease. 

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